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Declaring A Proceeding WordDaniel and Earnestine Williams served under the direction of Apostle Willie Murray, Pastor of God's City of Refuge (Non-Denominational) Church, Inc., Beaufort, NC (1970-1985).  In January 1985, the Lord sent them to Ambassadors For Christ Fellowship Center, Havelock, NC under the leadership of Bishop Walter Jones.

On September 7, 1992, the Williams met at the home of a family located in Kinston, NC  to share the vision with twelve (12) people.  Hence, a process of commuting was put into effect, meeting at the home until November 1, 1992; after which the ministry moved to 508 East New Bern Road.  The Williams commuted from Havelock, several days and nights per week, until February 1993, when they became permanent residents of Kinston/Lenoir County.

The Lord did a quick, sovereign work at Present Truth Ministries and was incorporated in January 1993, to officially become Present Truth Ministries, Inc. Man of Integrity of Kinston. 

Daniel Williams is a Prophet in the Body of Christ locally and extra-locally with a powerful teaching and preaching ministry in the Word.  He has a solid understanding of local church dynamics and is schooled in the principles of present truth. 

Earnestine WilliamsWoman of Royalty is a Pastor and teacher of the Word to this local Church family and to many at large.  Their vision is to give life and reality, body and freshness to people that have been confused and frustrated by religion.  Also, they are dedicated to produce a mature people who will show forth the nature and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Their prayer is for you and your household to find your place among the local church and then to make full proof of and fulfill your ministry.




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