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Present Truth Ministries
Kinston, North CarolinaPresent Truth Ministries, of Kinston, NC is a Spirit-filled family church, a multifaceted, multi-racial, trans-denominational ministry.  It is ONE of the many centers expressing the Kingdom of God in Southeastern North Carolina.  The KING and HIS KINGDOM must be made manifest in our region.

Study to show yourself approved.Throughout Scripture, the purpose of God has often unfolded in "threes".  Many precious ministries administrate in the first and second dimensions of our salvation.  These instructions are primarily concerning the NEW BIRTH and the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  A careful study of the Scriptures will reveal the Old Covenant nation not only experienced PASSOVER and PENTECOSTAL feasts; but, it also experienced a third feast, called the FEAST OF TABERNACLES.  We are called to express the "FEAST OF TABERNACLES" in our region.

Feast of TabernaclesWhile recognizing, adhering to, and partaking of the first two feasts, it is our position that "THREE" feasts complete the full salvation experience, not two feasts.  As each feast is experienced, we will find similarities and differences in each.  The final feast, the FEAST OF TABERNACLES, will swallow up and include the previous two feasts.  Only then will we have full gospel.  The Church of Jesus Christ must come to the FEAST OF TABERNACLES just as it has PENTECOST.

The chapter will never close on this age until such a CHURCH has arisen.  It is our goal to take our place in such a CHURCH.


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