Covenant Ministries

These men and women are foundational God-given relationships in the life of Pastors Daniel and Earnestine Williams. They are some of the covenant fellowship ministries of Present Truth Ministries.  While our church is autonomous (self-governing, self-reproducing, self-propagating), it is imperative that we always maintain close relationships to foundational ministries, seasoned men and women of God:

Covenant Fellowship Ministries
Pastor Vera & Apostle Willie Murray
Apostle Willie Murray &
Pastor Vera Murray

God's City of Refuge
Newport, NC
Dr. Stephen Everett
Dr. Stephen Everett

Fort Myers, FL
Bishop Carl C. Alexander
Bishop Carl Alexander
Tabernacle of Praise for All Nations
Bronx, NY
Dr. Ezekiel Murrell
Prophet Ezekiel Murrell

Great Joy Worship Center
Beaufort, NC
Dr. Gene Brown & Pastor Sandy Brown
Dr. Gene Brown & 
Pastor Sandy Brown
Love Faithfully Ministries
Leland, NC
Prophet Scott Stimson
Prophet Scott Stimson
Palace Of Praise
Durant, OK
Dr. Jessie Knox
Apostle Jessie Knox

Abundant Life Kingdom Ministries International
Baltimore, MD
Dr. Bobby McAllister & Dr. Dorothy McAllister
Dr. Bobby McAllister 
Dr. Dorothy McAllister

Justice Fellowship International
Raleigh, NC
Dr. Elizabeth Gray
Dr. Elizabeth Gray
Johnsonville City of Refuge Ministries
Cameron, NC

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